How to sit on a tree

How to sit on a tree

Thank you for the tag @shoprevolution2. Her quote……”Finally went on a hike… but needed to bring my #seatscarf. Anyone that knows me knows I’m not sitting directly on anything remotely dirty”

How exciting it is to receive a tag like this and know that customers are understanding the brand and the need for outside fashionable barriers. In these trying times now more than ever we must protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria. We wear our masks our gloves and now WE MUST protect our clothes and bare skin when sitting. This new fashion accessory with an amazing hygienic twist, not only allows you to sit in style and feel pretty, it also helps you not sit on any contaminates that you will then transfer into your car and home.

The summer is coming, and we will all be very VERY desperate to go and enjoy the outdoors. We will be heading to parks, outdoor BBQ’s, riding trains, buses, and most of all looking forward to sitting inside (let’s hope!!!) or sit outside a public café or restaurant. We should not dare and sit on anything without our fashionable barrier The Seat Scarf.

Before I thought of selling my Seat Scarf, I would sit on napkins, tissues anything I could possibly find. If nothing was available, and I was wearing shorts or a dress / skirt etc and my legs were exposed, I would sit on the edge of the seat. If I could not pull my clothes far enough for me to sit, I WOULD NOT SIT AT ALL!! TRUE TRUE TRUE STORY people. Many might not understand its purpose as a fashionable barrier at first, but those who own a Seat Scarf cannot live without it. I am looking forward to the day that this innovative fashion idea becomes a must in everyone’s everyday travels. Soooooooooooo what am I saying…….those who do not own a Seat Scarf MUST!!!! You will never go out without bringing your Seat Scarf along.

About Seat Scarf:

Seat Scarf is the mandatory fashion accessory you never knew you needed. It creates fashionable barrier that protects your clothes and bare skin when sitting on public surfaces.