Problem… Solution

Problem... Solution

Back in 2011 Good Morning America aired an exposé on the PROBLEM of how public seats are full of bacteria.


Their journey began with a single swab on the seat of a car in Washington DC and ended 3,000 miles away in San Francisco.  Along the route, the producer swabbed every seat they came into contact with.  They tested airport waiting areas, planes, movie-theater and restaurant seats etc.

They gathered samples from 12 targets referred as the DIRTY DOZEN. When they were done they had collected specimens from seats in a car, taxi, airport, airplane, rental car, restaurants, hotel lobby, hotel room, movie-theater, park bench and toilet seat and all public transportation.

Many riders and individuals expressed how they avoid sitting down on public seats at all costs.

The samples were sent to NY University’s microbiology department to be analyzed by a germ guru named Dr. Philip Tierno, the director of microbiology and immunology at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

“There was so many organisms on these seats that I would say that they were never cleaned or rarely cleaned, and this is something to be reckoned with” Dr. Tierno said.

Some seats were worse than others but the bottom line they all showed a trace of some bacteria.

SOLUTION, aside from washing your hands, LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE NEWEST FASHION ACCESSORY that will surely become the next best item to have in your purse.

THE SEAT SCARF, a beautifully designed flat cotton square top with a clinical grade antimicrobial bottom that can solves the public seat problem.  You place your SEAT SCARF on any public seat, when done you fold in half twice, roll it and then place it in its own contained pouch until next use.  You can wipe the bottom anytime or wash in cold water to refresh.