21st Century Fashionable Barrier

21st Century Fashionable Barrier

I came across a picture of a beautiful soul that was part of my life since I was 12 years old. She is shown here in Astoria Park.  One thing that stuck out to me is she was wearing gloves. Many would say “Well that is what they did in those days” I would say, “No, fact is… the beginning of the 1900 -when SHE wore gloves, SHE could hide her class status, dressing well to elevate herself into a better life. As fashions began to blend the upper and lower classes together, it was in the details of the glove design, material, and fit that hinted at a woman’s status.

Vintage gloves were also a protection from disease.

Fashion has obviously evolved since the 1900, but one thing has not, protecting yourself against germs, bacteria and diseases.  Why not bring in the 21st century with a new must.


As a woman it’s all about fashion and status. I strongly believe and will continue to ask that creating FASHIONABLE BARRIERS should become a new category is fashion accessories.

As I always say “Keeping safe and healthy does not mean you have to be out of style or out of step”