Hot Summer Days Are Here Again!

Hot Summer Days Are Here Again!

I don’t know about you, but when I get into my car on a hot summer’s day I am so hesitant to sit on the seats.  WHY you ask??!!?? I am sure there is no explanation needed.  Imagine getting into a cab that everyone has sat in or worse…and you know what that WORSE is. ☹

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to Central Park.  I obviously had my Seat Scarf with me (never leave home without it😊) so needless to say I sat all over Central Park, my friend forgot her Seat Scarf so we literally took turns sitting because we both get what is happening on those public seating surfaces.  OHHH NOOO THANK YOU, I rather stand, at which some point one of us was always standing.

Some passersby actually stopped and asked us what we were sitting on.  So I told them a SEAT SCARF…I explained the story and needless to say I sold 3 Seat Scarf’s that day. Referred them to the site of course.   ANNNDDDD one of them was a man…..a man I said, how excited was I!!!!!!

The Seat Scarf is so perfect for this season.  Everywhere you go there is a need for your Seat Scarf, this fashionable barrier is the accessory you must have available in your bag or pocket.

I cannot wait until every handbag, tote, etc. sold has a Seat Scarf accessory available for all.