The Seat Scarf Story

ESE is a unique company specializing in fashionable barriers in the fashion accessories space.

My name is Eva and after contracting a very bad bacterial infection that left me horribly sick for one full year. I became hypersensitive to germs and bacteria. So much so that it led me to my first creation of the “Seat Scarf”.

Having nothing to do with the traditional neck scarf the “Seat Scarf” is a durable, antimicrobial barrier that protects you and your clothes from dirty seating surfaces. How many times have you sat at the edge of your seat while wearing shorts, skirts, or nice pants that you worried about staining and/or contaminating.

Since our first creation, I have designed newer versions of the SEAT SCARF with a beautifully designed top and a clinical grade antimicrobial bottoms.  I never thought when embarking on my journey two years ago that it would become so relevant today.  I believe Fashionable Barriers will and can become a new category in fashion accessories.

With that said, a girl always dreams about growing up and owning her own beauty line, it’s amazing how dreams do come true.  I believe the combination of my Seat Scarf and beautiful cosmetic line a girl can step out feeling beautiful and secure.

Keeping safe and healthy does not mean you have to be out of style or out of step.