Park Your Bum… on Seat Scarf!

Park Your Bum... on Seat Scarf!

Ready to enjoy the outdoors?  Going to a park is a time honored tradition.  If you’re enjoying the beautiful weather and wearing shorts or a short skirt, what can you do to protect your exposed skin?  Well, “Seat Scarf” of course!

Park benches are a great way to sit and enjoy the scenery or to take a rest after a little exercise.  However, with thousands of people using that same bench, it’s hard to find a truly clean one.

A Seat Scarf protects you from the dirty and contaminated park benches.  Just sit your bum on a Seat Scarf and enjoy.

About Seat Scarf:

Seat Scarf is the mandatory fashion accessory you never knew you needed. It creates fashionable barrier that protects your clothes and bare skin when sitting on public surfaces.